What Congregations Do

What is required of each Covenant Congregation?

  • Two Covenant Congregation Representatives who will engage their congregation in a Listening Process, build awareness about Faith in Action and this year’s issue/action, and bring members to the annual Action Assembly.  The Reps will attend meetings of the Assembly, but will primarily be working within their own congregations.
  • As many members as possible will be listened to in the annual Listening Process and then educated about the selected issue and proposed action.
  • As many members as possible will be engaged as Action Participants, attending the Action Assembly or key decision meeting (like a City Council or Board of Supervisors meeting, for example).
  • A financial contribution that matches the ability of the congregation to support Faith in Action (perhaps $500 to $1500 annually, to start, some small congregations are contributing more like $200).  This money mostly supports our part-time Community Organizing Coordinator, however it also supports the cost of training and organizing.